Mango cake recipe - how to make mango cake in microwave

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How to make Mango Cake in microwave

From mango we have made mango shake, mango soup , smoothie etc., today we will make mango cake with mango pulp.  The mango-flavored cake will be liked by your family as well as children.

Ingredients for Eggless Mango Cake

▪Refined flour - 1 cup (110 grams)

 ▪Mango - 1 (300 grams)

 ▪Condensed Milk - 1/2 cup (200 grams)

 ▪Powdered sugar - half cup (100 grams)

 ▪Milk - 3-4 tbsp

 ▪Butter - 1/3 cup (80 grams)

 ▪Cashews - 2 tbsp

 ▪Raisins - 2 tbsp

 ▪Baking Powder - 1 tsp

 ▪Baking soda - 1/4 teaspoon

Method: - How to make Eggless Mango cake

  • Cut the mango and take out the pulp, and whisk it.

  •  Add baking powder and baking soda to the flour and mix it well 2 times.  

  • Put butter, mango pulp and condensed milk in another big bowl and mix well, mix powdered sugar and mix well.

  •  Cut cashews into small pieces and prepare them.  Remove the stalk of the raisins and wipe it with a cloth.

  • Preheat oven to 180 degree centigrade.

  •  Also prepare the container in which to bake the cake.  Grease the container with butter.  

  • Cut butter paper or plain paper in the size of the bottom of utensil and place it on the utensil.put some butter on it to smooth it.

  •  Put the mango pulp, dry ingredients in condensed milk ie refined flour and baking powder mixture and mix well till the kernels are finished.  Mix milk in the mixture and mix it.  Add cashews and raisins too.  Cake mixture is ready.

  • Add the mixture to the container that is already ready and knock it down to the same extent.  

  • The oven is heated, place the container in the oven and let the oven run for 180 degrees set for 25 minutes, check the cake after 25 minutes. 

  • The cake is not browned from above, bake the cake for 10-15 minutes more, and check.  

  • The cake has turned brown from the top, put a knife in the cake and check it, the knife should not stick to the cake mixture, if there is a clean knife, the cake is baked completely from the inside, that is, the cake is ready.

  •  Take the cake out of the oven and let it cool, to remove the cake from the container, turn the knife around the cake and separate the cake from the container.  

  • Knock it lightly by keeping the container on the plate upside down, the cake will come out in the plate, remove the paper on the top, now cut the cake in your favorite piece and eat it.


  • While making the cake mixture, make sure that the cake mixture is not too thin and too thick.  When the cake mixture becomes thin, then the cake swells up and later becomes deflated.  If the mixture is too thick then the cake swells but slightly less

  •  Bake the cake for the first 25 minutes, after which check the cake and bake it, time may vary slightly in different ovens.

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