Cheese or Tofu Stuffed Bread Recipe

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Cheese or Tofu Stuffed Bread Recipe

Fresh soft bread coming out of the oven and the bread filled with Cheese or Tofu stuffed in it .. Your whole family will love it.  You can also keep it in the tiffin of your school going child.

*what tofu is made of ?
Tofu is a curd made from mashed soybeans, used chiefly in Asian and vegetarian cooking.

Ingredients for Cheese or Tofu Stuffed 

▪Flour - 400 grams

 ▪Yeast - a cup (home-made) Or dry yeast seeds - 2 tsp

 ▪Salt - 1 tsp (as per taste)

 ▪Sugar - 2 tsp

 ▪Oil - 1 - 2 tbsp

 To fill in the bread

 ▪Tofu - 250 grams (2 large cubes)

 ▪Salt - as per taste (half a teaspoon)

 ▪Black pepper - less than 1/4 teaspoon

 ▪Green chili - 1 small

 ▪Coriander leaves - 2 tablespoons chopped

 ▪Mole - 1 tbsp

Method - How to make Cheese or Tofu Stuffed Bread at home

  • To make dough for bread, heat 2 1/2 cups of warm water.

  •  Sieve the flour in a vessel, make a little space in the middle of the flour, add salt, sugar, oil and home made yeast.  

  • With the help of lukewarm water, apply soft dough even with very soft chapati/tortilla.  Knead the dough for 6-7 minutes and knead it while kneading, the dough becomes smooth and light.

  • If you are adding dry yeast, then first put 2 tablespoons of dry yeast in lukewarm water or milk and keep it covered for 10 minutes, dry yeast dissolves making light foam.  

  • In place of yeast made at home, put dry yeast in flour and after adding all the above things, knead soft dough.

  • Put dough in a deep and big bowl and add oil on dough, cover it with a cling film or plate and keep it in a warm place, keep the towel wrapped around the vessel during cold days.  The dough is doubled in 3-4 hours. 

  •  Dough for making bread is ready.

  •  Punch the dough the same way, apply dry flour and divide the dough into 10 parts and make balls.

  •  We have 2 pieces of tofu, we have made 3 thin slices of each piece.  

  • Grate the second piece of salt, black pepper, green chili and green coriander.

  •  Take a sphere ball of dough, apply dry flour, place some sesame seeds on the surface, now keep the dough balls, roll the dough balls like thick chapati/tortilla, keep a slice of tofu, a little salt and pepper or homemade spices sprinkle on it.  

  • Fold the rolled chapati/tortilla in such a way that it looks like square bread.

  • Similarly, make three square breads by filling slices of tofu with three dough balls.

  •  Grease the tray with oil, put the prepared square bread to the tray.

How to make Cheese Stuffed Rolls

  • Spread the dough of the fourth dough ball in the same way by rolling sesame seeds on it, roll it a little thicker, divide the grated, spiced tofu into 5 parts and spread one part over this rolled chapati/tortilla, roll the chapati/tortilla and  Close both the ends and make a roll and put them on the tray.  

  • Roll all the balls in the same way, fill the tofu and make rolls and put them on a tray to bake.
  •  Cover these breads in the tray and keep them for 1 hour.

  •  After one hour, heat the oven to 200 ° Centigrade, place the bread tray in the oven.  After setting the temperature to 200 degree centigrade, bake for 10 minutes.  

  • After the time is over, check the bread, if the bread has baked well then the bread is baked, if not then you can set the oven to bake again for 2-4 minutes at the same temperature.
  •  If the tofu stuffed bread is baked, take out the tray and keep the bread cool.  

  • Eat freshly made tofu stuffed bread or place it in children's tiffin with tomato sauce, keep the remaining bread in the fridge for 3 days whenever you feel like, take out the bread from the fridge, heat it lightly and eat it with tea, coffee,or milk whatever you like.


  • Instead of tofu in bread, cheese, boiled potatoes, grated vegetables, which you like, you can make Green Vegetable Stuffed Bread.  Spinach Filled Bread Rolls can also be made by cleaning the spinach leaves and adding light spices.

  •  If you want to make sweet bread for children, make jam jam stuffed bread by filling apple jam or pineapple jam.

  •  Bread is being made with tofu slices, then tofu slices first, put a little oil on the non stick pan, roast it till it becomes light brown and sprinkle with spices and fill it, thus tofu is very tasty.

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